Empowering Sustainability Conference

On the 22nd and the 23rd of May Europe will meet Gelderland and Gelderland will meet Europe at the International European Entrepreneurial Region Conference.

Gelderland Topclimate for entrepreneurs

During the two-day international conference Empowering Sustainability you will meet other European partners, innovative start-up and scale-up hubs and clusters from various European regions. Together we will set to work to accelerate innovation in sustainability. The conference is the time to be inspired as well as a next step to European cooperation with other entrepreneurs, authorities and education institutes. 

Day 1. Get inspired

We have invited speakers from a variety of disciplines, looking at the theme of Empowering Sustainability from different perspectives. Each with their conclusions, their experience and their dreams. All with the same goal: we have to act now for a sustainable future. Why is it so urgent and why is collaboration between science, entrepreneurs and government the only way to speed up innovation on sustainability? 

Be inspired in work sessions, meet European partners

Meet entrepreneurs, administrators, policy-makers and innovation hubs from the Netherlands and Europe. Check the international cooperation corner, chat with experts, and participate in the partner search. 

Day 2. Empowering connection

The second day we will split into 5 groups, with more thematic goals. Look into the themes that matter: (agri)Food, Health, Energy, Industry and SME Tools. Learn from sustainable projects, innovative companies and remarkable locations in Gelderland.

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